6 Mil Sand Textured Thermal Overlaminate

6 Mil Sand Textured Thermal Overlaminate

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This 6 Mil sand textured thermal laminate features a strong low temperature bonding adhesive. It lays nice and flat and works well with other 5,7,or 10 mil laminates.

It does have a super thin 1 mil 100% transparent plastic film release liner covering the textured (non adhesive) side to protect the ultra fine texture as it passes through your laminator. Once the the bonding process is complete, it is removed to reveal a consistent and flawless film surface. The release liner is sheer and certainly not thick or rigid enough to encourage it to curl. Do note that is the only product in my shop with a liner of any kind. However, I would not even offer the product if I did not believe in it's potential

UV Inhibition: Low

Surface Reflectivity: Low